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rath khmerfriend's teacher

My name is Rath

I have been a Khmer teacher for over 10 years and I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since it opened. I have a husband and a son.My son is twelve years old. I enjoy teaching foreigners and learning from their cultural experiences.

I am very proud of my own culture and I love eating spicy food!

My name is Kunthea

I have been a Khmer teacher  for over 10 years and I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since it opened.I want to continue teaching in KF for a long time. I’m not married yet: I like to  have freedom, I love my job, and I like to hang out with my students, friends and family in my holidays.

My name is KoK SreyLux

My name is KoK SreyLux. I have been a teacher at Khmer Friends since I graduated from high school. I love this job because it gives me experience teaching Khmer and at the same time, reminds me about my own Language being a teacher to foreigners has helped me improve my English a lot. I enjoy sharing our different cultures with each other!

My name is Pol Sopheaktra

I’m very pleased that foreigners want to learn and to know about Khmer language.  I’m very happy to share my knowledge of my language and culture with them, and to learn about their cultures as well.

My name is Korn Chantrea

I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since my first year in university. I love teaching Khmer. It gives me new experiences teaching, provides me with a wealth of knowledge, and pushes me to continue developing. Teaching foreigners and sharing our culture with them is truly enjoyable for me.

My name is Srim Las

My name is Srim Las and I come from Siem Reap province.  I am married and have one son.  I love teaching at Khmer Friends because it gives me new experiences and I also have the chance to speak English sometimes, which helps me remember and improve my own language skills. It’s wonderful to learn about the different cultures our students bring from many different countries, and it makes me happy to share my knowledge with them.
Vuthy Leang Guek

My name is Vuthy Leang Guek

My name is Vuthy Leang Guek. I am 22 years old and live in Phnom Penh. I really love teaching at Khmer Friends because it is great to know about different cultures and to become able to communicate with each other. I am happy to help students become more proficient in Khmer. As our students improve Khmer language skills, so we also learn from them, especially about their cultures and their languages.

My name is Sopheavy

My name is Sopheavy. I come from Takeo province. When I was young, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Although I am just starting to teach, I really love this job because I can share my knowledge with people who want to know Khmer language and to learn about a new culture. I love teaching friendly foreigners. Teaching and studying at Khmer Friends, we can explore new paths for self-development. Khmer Friends is a good school for foreigners who want to learn Khmer.
Doung SokLeng

My name is Doung SokLeng

My name is Doung SokLeng and I come from Phnom Penh. I love teaching at Khmer Friends so much because I learn new things that I never knew before. I learned a lot of techniques from teachers who have a lot of experience, enabling me to communicate with foreigners coming from different countries. And the students are really friendly. At Khmer Fri3nds we emphasize language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. I hope our students will know clearly how to construct Khmer sentences and use new vocabulary. But I also hope that sometimes we can share ideas from our experience of different cultures about our different traditions, histories and geographies as well.

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