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rath khmerfriend's teacher

My name is Rath

I have been a Khmer teacher for over 10 years and I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since it opened. I have a husband and a son.

My son is twelve years old. I enjoy teaching foreigners and learning from their cultural experiences.

I am very proud of my own culture and I love eating spicy food!


My name is Kunthea

I have been a Khmer teacher  for over 10 years and I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since it opened.

I want to continue teaching in KF for a long time. I’m not married yet: I like to  have freedom, I love my job, and I like to hang out with my students, friends and family in my holidays.


My name is Pangna

I have been married for three years and  have one and half year old daughter called Jessica  I have been a Khmer teacher for many years and I have been teaching at Khmer Friends since it opened.

I enjoy teaching Khmer to foreigners. In my free time I prefer to take care of my little princess rather than going out.


My name is Raneth

I have been married for three and half years and have  one and half year old son. I have been a teacher for many years I like teaching Khmer and I like to learn from my students about their culture and countries. I love shopping and taking my family to beautiful places in Cambodia.

My name is Vorleak

I have been an office assistant and Khmer teacher for children at Khmer Friends for three years. I will become teacher for adults this year.

Teaching Khmer language and culture to the people from different countries has been my dream since I was young.


My name is KoK SreyLux

My name is KoK SreyLux. I have been a teacher at Khmer Friends since I graduated from high school. I love this job because it gives me experience teaching Khmer and at the same time, reminds me about my own Language being a teacher to foreigners has helped me improve my English a lot. I enjoy sharing our different cultures with each other!

My name is Roeurn Sreytouch

My name is Roeurn Sreytouch. I have been a teacher for one month at Khmer Friends. I really like teaching because I can share my knowledge with students, as well as gain new experience and knowledge from them to develop myself. Khmer Friends is a school for teaching foreigners, so I can share about my culture and learn about culture at the same time.

My name is Ping MuoyKim

My name is Ping MuoyKim, and I have worked at Khmer Friends for one month now. I love my job and am so happy to gain experience teaching Khmer and sharing my culture with foreigners.

My name is Sok Nay

My name is Sok Nay, and I am very excited to join the Khmer Friends team. I like teaching Khmer, and especially enjoy teaching about Khmer culture and learning about other cultures as well. My dream of teaching Khmer to foreigners is now becoming true. I see the faithfulness of God, leading me step by step, and I am confident that God will continue to lead me.

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