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We at Khmer Friends can teach you Khmer the way you want it and the way you need it!

Speaking, listening, reading and or writing! Programs available for all levels.

Individual classes from $5 per hour to study groups (4-5 people) for $4 per hour per person. We are even available for Skype studies!

Find us at , on our Facebook page or just send us a message for more information.

It is good time to register at KhmerFriends to study Khmer you pay 100hr get 5%off.

Your lessons at our school will be one of the highlights of your time in Cambodia. The teachers offer one-on-one or group classes and can tailor curriculum to suit your needs. They are friendly, flexible, and fun!

More details visit our link:


(Do you know that while you study at KF, you not only learn language, but you contribute two important things? First, you are giving jobs to young students, so that they can afford to further their university education. We commit to train them to be good Khmer language teachers. Second, a small portion of the profits from KF plus contributions from our friends help us support local primary schools in remote areas, so that young children can have the things they need to study: a proper school building, toilets, tables, chairs, and study materials. Please visit our website for more information. Thanks for partnering with us).

Khmer Friends is a Khmer language school with great teachers and lots of fun learning.
For more information call 017 60 60 56. We are located at #22A, St 185 (behind Russian Hospital).

We now have WIFI at our school’s students can connect to the internet during study breaks and teachers can use interactive resources to support their students ‘lessons
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